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Anthologies How do they work plus we spoil the hell out of Halloween Ends

 As promised,  the boys spoil the hell out of Halloween Ends before it even hits theaters.  Also we talk about anthology horror movies.  Bloodfest the podcast

Halloween Ends

  On the new episode of Bloodfest the Podcast we will be presenting something big. We have, in our bloodstained hands, the real scoop on Halloween Ends. We are going deep into the screenplay. How, you might ask, do we know? We've read it! Via an arcane process that may or may not have involved human sacrifice, some very dangerous deals with incredibly scary people, a little begging and a lot of weeping, I have read the screenplay for Halloween Ends. I am gonna go deep into spoiler territory on the next episode of Bloodfest.

Burning the Fools

    In the latest episode of Bloodfest the Podcast, the boys break down The Burning and dig into the moral dilemma of enjoying a movie written by Harvey Weinstein. Then they dredge the cheap humor of April Fool's Day and talk about Agatha Christie knock offs. Check it out! Bloodfest the podcast

Oops! It's a podcast.

  Josh kicked that map in the creek yesterday Nate and Joey got together to test the new mics and mixing board and accidentally recorded a mini episode about The Blair Witch Project.  Josh dropped in for a few minutes, then left to Watch Prey and who can blame him, really? Stay tuned for a real episode next week.

Bloodfest the Podcast

  Bloodfest the podcast  is four movie nerds, physical media collectors,  horror fiends and weirdos.  Each week they get together to talk about movies.  They take dives both deep and shallow into the world of cult, Exploitation,  horror, grindhouse,  weird, and little known films. They mix serious analysis with humor. 

Lets get Martyed in a Woodchipper

  In the new episode of Bloodfest we dive into the religious themes of the French New Extremity entry, Martyrs.  Then we dive deep into the joys of Tucker and Dale Vs Evil.  Martyred in a Woodchipper


 This is simply a test.