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Sarah Lind

  Somehow the idiots at Bloodfest convinced the amazing  Sarah Lind  to come on the show. She came to talk about the upcoming Shudder original movie  A Wounded Fawn , but of course the goons got off track. Nate went into full fan boy mode discussing The Humanity Bureau, the dystopian thriller that she co-stars in with  Nicolas Cage . Casey had questions about The Exorcism of Molly Hartley. Joey hid for some reason. Josh couldn't stop thinking about Candy and got Ms. Lind to tell us a story about working with Cage. A good time was had by all. 

King of the Zombies

 It's been a weird week. Nate has Covid-19 and may have developed brain damage. Joey has "not covid", which seems to be some sort of zombie virus. Josh, as it turns out, has a family and they stole him away for the week. Casey is also present.   Anyway,  we did an impromptu livestream of King of the Zombies in lieu of a proper episode. You can watch it here: And listen  Here .  We talk zombies,  race in American cinema, comedy and more


  Joey and Josh force Nate to watch Thankskilling,  so he retaliates by making them listen to his Marxist reading of the film. Then they discuss Zombeavers. 

Tales from the Deadstream

 Hey there kiddies and fright fiends! We have a little treat for you. The weirdos at  Bloodfest the podcast  spent some time with Jason Stein from  Dads from the Crypt  to talk about Deadstream, the latest found footage horror-comedy movie from  Shudder . It was deliciously gruesome good time! You can listen here:  Bloodfest  or search Bloodfest the Podcast on your favorite app.  You can also watch the magic on youtube:  Bloodfest on youtube Next week we will dive deeply into two ridiculous creature features. Nate will provide some Marxist framed analysis of Thankskilling while the rest of the team sighs deeply. Then everyone hopes to survive Zombeavers.   Come and witness the malarkey and tomfoolery!


 The Bloodfest gang is joined by Jason Stein from The Dads From the Crypt podcast to discuss the Shudder original movie Deadstream.   Give us a watch and maybe a follow! Plus get the audio only version  BLOODFEST

Deadstream and the Cryptkeeper

We are excited to announce that Jason Stein will be joining us on our next episode to discuss Deadstream! Jason Stein is the host of Dads From the Crypt, a podcast where three spooky dads review Tales From the Crypt episodes and give questionable parenting advice. They can be found on Twitter @cryptdads and Instagram @dadsfromthecrypt. Listen on your favorite podcast app!

House on the Edge of the Park

For more Video Nasties check out our podcast   Video Nasty: House on the Edge of the Park   Ruggero Deodato directed Cannibal Holocaust. That is an important piece of information to keep in mind as you continue to read ahead. If you aren’t familiar, Cannibal Holocaust is an early “found footage” horror film about a group of film makers that go into the jungle, torture the locals and end up being eaten by cannibals. Like The House on the Edge of the Park (which we are here to discuss) is was labelled as a VIDEO NASTY and banned. In fact, it was so nasty that Deodato was charged with murder. Prosecutors believed that the film was real and that he had killed his actors. He had to defend himself in court. Now, I told you all of that so that I could tell you this: When he first read the script for House on the Edge of the Park, he didn’t want to make it. Deodato thought that it was too violent. It was too violent for the man who had been charged with murder because his ultra-violent Canniba

Barbarian at the Gates

 It turns out that Casey might be on the No Fly list, but the rest of the gang decided to soldier on. We talked about Barbarian, so of course that meant a deep dive into Geology and Reaganomics.  Warning- two minute of silence included. Barbarian at the Gates