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Jeremiah Kipp ABSOLUTELY DESTROYS the Goons at Bloodfest the Podcast (Gotta bait the clicks)

  This week Jeremiah Kipp (Slapface) joins the bloodfest team to talk about making movies, the resurgence of folk horror, Shudder, The Horror Geek, and so much more. #Bloodfest #Podcast #horror #folkHorror #JeremiahKipp #Slapface #Shudder #Movies #TheHorrorGeek #Directing @jeremiahkipp @TheHorrorGeek @shudder Be sure to check us out at and on Social media Check us out at twitter @bloodfestpodcast support: Like, follow and share f you could!

The Dead Will Rise

 This week the goons from Bloodfest got together with the amazing Helen Broom from The List of Lists and Talk of the Street to talk about George A. Romero's classic Dawn of the Dead. Along the way many weird tangents were explored. Check it out!

Yeah yeah yeah

 Have you ever been trapped on a strange island with weird people who may be monsters? Has a wizened old man conjured a violent storm to punish you? Were there songs involved? If you answered yes to these questions, then you might be a character from Shakespeare.    Or, if the storm is a real Shit Storm, maybe you’re a character from the wonderful land of  Troma !   Lloyd Kaufman , co-founder of TROMA, writer, director, producer, creative genius, an uncle to the world of weird, brought the world Shakespeare’s Shitstorm , a wild reimagining of the Bard’s classic play. Kaufman directed, co-wrote (with Gabriel Friedman and Brandon Bassham) and stars as  Prospero . This brash, weird retelling of The Tempest sees Prospero luring a ship full of pharmaceutical executives to Tromaville to punish them for their bad behavior.    It is full-on, off the rails, brain on fire levels of bonkers Troma goodness and you need it in your life. You need it, most of all, on    a big, big screen in a theater

S E A N !

 You loved Wes Craven's The People Under the Stairs (we know you did, what the hell would you be doing here, in this dark, cobweb covered corner of the internet if you didn't?). Which likely means that you loved Roach - the secret hero of PUtS.  You probably liked Twister. Just admit that you did and we can talk about the best character, Allan.