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Lloyd Kaufman and Airports for Some Reason

  This week the Bloodfest goons were joined by the legendary Lloyd Kaufman, founder of Troma and creator of The Toxic Avenger. Lloyd talked with us about airports, Tom Cruise and his unearned wealth, Oliver Stone’s nasal issues, safety on sets, the rise of fascism, free speech on campus and some Troma movies – specifically Shakespeare’s Shitstorm, Terror Firmer, The Toxic Avenger and many more.   He also enlisted the Bloodfest idiots to help plan a tour of Kansas and Missouri for Shakespeare’s Shitstorm. Hold tight for information on that!     #Bloodfest #Troma #LloydKaufman #ToxicAvenger #TerrorFirmer #TomCruise #JamesGunn #OliverStone #KCI #ATL   Check out  .
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On the menu

 The Menu stands in a long tradition of satirical films that take aim at the upper classes and capitalism.    From Luis Bunel’s The Exterminating Angel and The Discrete Charm of the Bourgeoisie to Boots Riley’s Sorry to Bother You and Bong Joon Ho’s Parasite, film makers have often turned their craft to the failures of Capitalist societies.   The Goons at Bloodfest teamed up with Caitlin Grant from  Plug it Up  to talk about The Menu, ant capitalist film, and so much more.

We All Die in the dark

  Editor's Note: The following contains spoilers for The Outwaters   I have spent decades mapping the far shores of reality.   I have rarely felt fear, safe in the hands of my guides. My face, if not my name, is known in the back alleys and chop shops of Interzone.   I have a reserved table at the noodle shop where the meal cries in your dead mother’s voice. I midwifed for a woman birthing a grown man. I have let my body die to become the new flesh.   I have watched people go feral at a dinner party they couldn’t bring themselves to leave. I have read Sutter Kane. When I hear that a film is “weird” or “out there” or “extreme” I usually roll my eyes.   I can eat a sandwich while I watch the last act of Martyrs. I find Salo to be soothing. I like to nap to Evil Dead. Given my proclivities, I didn’t expect The Outwaters to have much of an effect on me. My expectation was way off base.   The film consists of the video on three memory cards found in the Mojave Desert.   On

We all die in the dark

 The Bloodfest idiots were supposed to record with Lauren Ashley Carter (The Woman, Jug Face, Artik), but she had to reschedule at the last minute, so they called up their friend Morbid Lydia and decided to just talk without any plan. Films discussed included the outstanding found footage horror: The Outwaters, Classic Lucky McKee and Jack Ketcham horror The Woman, and more.  Anyway, it was a weird one.  Check us out at twitter @bloodfestpodcast support: and Like, follow and share if you could! 

It's New!

 This week the Bloodfest goons hung out with Morbid Lydia to break down Evil Dead Trap and Hideki: Evil Dead Trap 2. They tried like hell to understand these bonkers, gory, weird films. Nate had some, lets say "interesting" ideas about the themes and subtext. The crew also announced some major news about what's coming in the future. Check us out at twitter @bloodfestpodcast support: and Like, follow and share if you could!  Catchphrase!
 Bloodfest the Podcast (that's us) has a new project called  The Quest for Lloyd Kaufman  . Jump over and give it a look why don't ya, Plus, we are going to announce some big news soon, so stay tuned ya goons!

From Beyond

  Stewart Gordon loved H.P. Lovecraft. He adapted five films from Lovecraft’s stories (interestingly, those five films were based on at least seven stories).   Gordon’s Lovecraft films are: Re-Animator From Beyond Castle Freak Dagon Dreams in the Witch-House (Masters of Horror)   There isn’t a bad film on this list, but the absolute standout is From Beyond. From Beyond stars the absolute queen of horror, Barbara Crampton (You’re Next, Chopping Mall), alongside the great Jeffery Combs (Re-Animator, House on Haunted Hill) and the legendary Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, The Lords of Salem). The Heavy, Dr. Pretorius, is played by 80s mainstay Ted Sorel (Network, Lenny). The film opens with Crawford Tilinghast (Combs) performing an experiment with “the resonator”. The machine makes strange vibrations, and translucent ill-like creatures appear swimming in the air. Crawford summons Dr. Pretorius (Sorel). Then something bad happens.   Something eats Pretorius’ head. The author