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Bloodfest Presents: A Habit of Depravity with Larry Fessenden

 This week Nate had to be heavily medicated so he wouldn’t have a breakdown meeting one of his heroes. The Bloodfest gang somehow tricked the great Larry Fessenden (Habit, Depraved, The Last Winter, Bringing Out the Dead, Like Me) into sitting down with us for a conversation.  He filled us in on his upcoming film, Blackout, which is his werewolf movie. We talked about him making his own version of the Universal Monsters Universe and how that fits into his career.  Larry talked about recreating the Jaws boat, The Orca, and trying to have it attacked by a paper mache shark, then showed us his toys He discussed having The Last Winter entered into the permanent collection of the MoMA and the awards he has won. The conversation was far reaching and revelatory. Larry is a funny, intelligent, kind man as well as being a giant in horror. #LarryFessenden #Horror #Interview #TheLastWinter #Habit #Depraved #Wendigo #Blackout #vampires #Frankenstein #Werewolf #Werewolves #Beneath #TiWest #JimMi

A Habit of Depravity

 A Habit of Depravity: A Night With Larry Fessenden by Bloodfest the Podcast. Friends, followers, weirdos in the crawl space – we have some big news. Sunday, January 29th 2023 at 8:05PM Central time Bloodfest the Podcast will be livestreaming on Youtube and Twitch. We will be talking with horror maestro Larry Fessenden, the director of Habit, The Last Winter, Depraved, Beneath, Wendigo and others. Fessenden is also a prolific actor, appearing in such films as Jakob’s Wife, Offseason, The Dead Don’t Die, The Mountain, The Ranger, Like Me, Southbound, Carnage Park, We are Still Here, Stake Land, I Sell the Dead, House of the Devil, The Brave One, Session 9, Bringing Out the Dead, Animal Factory, River of Grass and many more.  His TV credits include Fear Itself, The Strain, Louie, Law and Order: Criminal Intent, Third Watch and more.  He has been a mentor to Ti West, Kelly Reichardt, Jim Mickle and other great film makers.  Larry is joining us to talk about his career as a director, write

Penetrating Area 51

 In this clip from the cutting-room floor, Nate, Josh, Casey, and Joey talk about The Good Nurse, Art Bell, Area 51, genital waving with crayons, old memes, if Joey is planning a murder and so much more.  This is a solid example of how far off the rails the goons can go when nobody is holding their leashes. 

It's not a habit

  Larry Fessenden wrote, directed, starred in and edited Habit. Watching it feels like peering into his psyche, seeing it laid bare on the screen. If his movie is a confession, then my reaction to it is one too. Fessenden play Sam, a man trying to stay afloat in the rough tides of alcoholism. His father has recently died, and his long-time girlfriend has left him.   His days are spent preparing to drink, drinking and recovering from drinking. That he works at a bar isn’t doing anything to help his situation.   It probably also doesn’t help that his best friend, Nick, always seems to have a bottle in his coat or a paper bag. I recognize Sam. I’ve been him. Living at the far edge of functionality, worrying if people see the tremors in my hands, days wiped away by fugue, wishing I could change and knowing that I might not. I know Nick too. The happy enabler. The drinking buddy who likely knows what condition you’re in, but isn’t too worried about it.   One night, while at a party at

Jack Frost

  This week the the Bloodfest gang chose chaos. Literally minutes before recording they ditched their plan for the episode and had to start almost from scratch. Halfway through recording, Joey's cat danced on a keyboard and somehow deleted the video feed, so Joey had to recreate it in real time while they recorded. Start over? Edit? Never! We're doing it live! The goons talked through Jack Frost (1997), not to be confused with Jack Frost (1988). That's right - Jack Frost, the movie about sentient snow on a comedic killing spree that was almost directed by Renny Harlin at the top of his career! Then it was on to There's Something Wrong with the Children, a brand new creepy kids killing befuddled adults movie that may or may not involve insect monsters. Just when they though it was over, Joey woke up and took control of the show to tell everyone that this is a true crime show now, and somehow onions are involved. #movies #podcast #horrormoviepodcast #Horror #JackF

Ash and Bone

 This week the Bloodfest goons were joined by the great Harley Wallen to discuss his latest film, Ash and Bone. They got deep into Wallen's filmography to talk about Agramon's gate, Eternal Code, Abstruse and the upcoming Beneath us All. Along the way we found out that Joey has been stalking actor Sean Whalen and that Josh is always star struck. It was a great conversation with insights into independent film making, social justice and fighting.  #Bloodfest #movies #podcast #horrormoviepodcast #Horror #Thriller #AshAndBone #HarleyWallen #SeanWhalen #EternalCode #KaitiWallen #ScoutTaylorCompton #interview #Director #Comedy  Check our Harley Wallen on IMDB and twitter @HarleyTheSwede   Check us out at twitter @bloodfestpodcast support: Like, follow and share if you could!  Catchphrase!
 This week the regular goons are joined by writer/director Chad Crawford Kinkle. They discuss his films Jug Face and Dementor as well as diving into Folk Horror in General. There's a great conversation about casting and what it's like to work with Larry Fessenden, Sean Young, Sean Bridgers and other great actors. After wide ranging, and insightful interview, Chad sticks around to discuss Clearcut with the gang. Is Graham Greene a Tulpa? Do we learn any lessons? Does Nate learn the wrong lesson? You'll have to watch to find out! Bonus: Maybe Josh walks across screen without pants! #Podcast #Bloodfest #ChadKinkle #ChadCrawfordKinkle #Jugface #Dementor #Clearcut #GrahamGreene #Larry Fessenden #SeanYoung #SeanBridgers #LaurenAshleyCarter #FolkHorror #Horror #Interview #IndigenousHorror #ThePit #HillPeople Check us out at twitter @bloodfestpodcast support:

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Boutique Label Roundup

  After the nightmare of Terror at Blood Fart Lake, the Bloodfest goons needed some respite. An easy week with zero punishment was Dr. Nate's Rx, and everyone agreed that a quick rundown of our favorite boutique labels and recent releases was just the sort of low effort affair we required. Somehow we we talked for over two hours! We talked so long that Joey fell asleep on camera and may or may not have just cut us off before we were even done.  We talked Vinegar Syndrome, Severin, Arrow, Mondo Macabro, Imprint, Dark Force, Second Sight,  Umbrella, Roninflix, and more! We took a look at several dozen of our favorite releases, talked movies in general, took a look at what's coming for the new year and worked in some poop and D jokes along the way. Next week we will get back to normal with special guest Chad Kinkle (Jug Face, Dementer). #movies #podcast #horrormoviepodcast #podcastshow #vinegarsyndrome #severin #arrowvideo #mondomacabro #Imprintmedia #darkforce #FromBe