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  North America's getting soft, patrĂ³n, and the rest of the world is getting tough. Very, very tough. We're entering savage new times, and we're giong to have to be pure and direct and strong, if we're going to survive them. Now, you and this cesspool you call a television station and your people who wallow around in it, your viewers who watch you do it, they're rotting us away from the inside. We intend to stop that rot.                                  - Harlan, presaging Tucker Carlson or Alex Jones or Ben Shapiro.               Most people view Sydney Lumet and Paddy Chayefsky's Network as the greatest,  most prescient film about the destructive power of television. It is a masterpiece; a perfect picture of the rot that TV spreads. How it infects everything and everyone that it touches. It predicted the insidious nature of "reality TV"  decades before Brig Brother or The Real World. It predicted the way news, once a public service, would beco

Terror At Blood Fart Lake

  Look, I enjoy bad movies. I enjoy very bad movies.   An evening spent watching Plan 9 From Outer Space, or Santa Clause Meets the Ice-cream Bunny is my idea of fun. I have sat through multiple viewings of The Room and Manos Hands of Fate. I not only watched Birdemic, but even sought out Birdemic 2. All of this is just to say that I have a very high tolerance for absolute dreck.   And yet.   One of our co-hosts (Joey) tricked the gang into watching a “movie” called Terror at Blood Fart Lake.   The title should have been enough to send the rest of us into open revolt, but somehow we were deceived.   You can watch us in pain and choking on our own rage here:

John Saxon's Hat

  Early in   Tenebrae ,     John Saxon gets a new hat. It’s a jaunty, felt fedora and he is absolutely dashing in it. There’s a lot going on with the hat. It’s introduced. There is a discussion about its stability: will it dislodge and fall if he turns too quickly? He jerks his head around to demonstrate that it will stay firmly atop his head. The hat feels like it should be important to the plot. This is Chekhov’s hat, surely. It will, we think, return later in the story. It’s a clue that will help unravel the mystery or, at least, it serves to illustrate the character in some way.   None of that is true. The hat will be completely forgotten. It served no purpose. Or, rather, it told us a lie.  The scene seems to suggest warmth and friendship between Bullmer (Saxon’s character) and Neal (Anthony Franciosa), our main character. The film will reveal that there is no real warmth between the men. So, what’s the hat about then? Is it just some business to fill space and give some reality t

More Deleted Garbage!

 Here we have another segment that we cut out of the show, but still want to share with you.

I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half.

 I can hire one half of the working class to kill the other half. - Jay Gould Killing the Poor Part One The high concept at the heart of  The Purge  franchise is that following economic collapse,  a new political party has taken control of the United States on a platform of ending crime. The New Founding Fathers (NFF) have ripped off an old Star Trek episode and instituted a sort of festival where all crime is legal for one night a year.  The politicians are, obviously, exempted. You aren’t allowed to kill your Senator. Over the course of five films and a TV series, The Purge has mutated from a clever home-invasion horror into Swiftian political satire with very ragged teeth. American Fascism is on the rise, and the NFF bears a striking resemblance to Trump’s GOP. The NFF scapegoats immigrants, the poor and other groups. They use fear and overblown rhetoric about crime to gain power, then wield that power like a chainsaw. The value of purge night is multifoliate to the ruling class.  I

Have you been naughty?

 The idiots at Bloodfest are joined by TikToker That Horror Nerd JJ to talk about 80s sleaze classic Silent Night, Deadly Night. 


 I am spending tonight watching The Purge Anarchy and thinking about how I got banned from Facebook for this image. 

Ken Foree

 Here's a message from the only man I want at my side when the zombies start eating people's entrails, Ken Foree: Listen on  Spotify  or anywhere else podcasts are found. Check us out on  YouTube

Behind the scenes - a dumb clip

 Would you like a look behind the scenes of Bloodfest, at the stuff we cut? The things that don't make it into the show? Well, here ya go:

Click Bait Title: Number Seven Will Blow Your Mind!

 The Bloodfest goons talk the best movies of 2022.