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We all die in the dark

 The Bloodfest idiots were supposed to record with Lauren Ashley Carter (The Woman, Jug Face, Artik), but she had to reschedule at the last minute, so they called up their friend Morbid Lydia and decided to just talk without any plan. Films discussed included the outstanding found footage horror: The Outwaters, Classic Lucky McKee and Jack Ketcham horror The Woman, and more.  Anyway, it was a weird one.  Check us out at twitter @bloodfestpodcast support: and Like, follow and share if you could! 

It's New!

 This week the Bloodfest goons hung out with Morbid Lydia to break down Evil Dead Trap and Hideki: Evil Dead Trap 2. They tried like hell to understand these bonkers, gory, weird films. Nate had some, lets say "interesting" ideas about the themes and subtext. The crew also announced some major news about what's coming in the future. Check us out at twitter @bloodfestpodcast support: and Like, follow and share if you could!  Catchphrase!
 Bloodfest the Podcast (that's us) has a new project called  The Quest for Lloyd Kaufman  . Jump over and give it a look why don't ya, Plus, we are going to announce some big news soon, so stay tuned ya goons!

From Beyond

  Stewart Gordon loved H.P. Lovecraft. He adapted five films from Lovecraft’s stories (interestingly, those five films were based on at least seven stories).   Gordon’s Lovecraft films are: Re-Animator From Beyond Castle Freak Dagon Dreams in the Witch-House (Masters of Horror)   There isn’t a bad film on this list, but the absolute standout is From Beyond. From Beyond stars the absolute queen of horror, Barbara Crampton (You’re Next, Chopping Mall), alongside the great Jeffery Combs (Re-Animator, House on Haunted Hill) and the legendary Ken Foree (Dawn of the Dead, The Lords of Salem). The Heavy, Dr. Pretorius, is played by 80s mainstay Ted Sorel (Network, Lenny). The film opens with Crawford Tilinghast (Combs) performing an experiment with “the resonator”. The machine makes strange vibrations, and translucent ill-like creatures appear swimming in the air. Crawford summons Dr. Pretorius (Sorel). Then something bad happens.   Something eats Pretorius’ head. The author

Nick Offerman Has Always Been This Good

 It seems like everyone is talking about The Last of Us, and with good reason. Since the latest episode has tongues wagging about how talented Nick Offerman is, I want to remind people that he has always been this good. What follows is two articles I wrote for  This Couch Thing  when Devs first dropped. Enjoy! "I have no need of that hypothesis: Devs and Philosophy on Television " I very nearly skipped Devs. It sounds weird to say it. This show should have called out to me. It’s written and directed by Alex Garland, and I am a fan of his work as a writer and director. He made  Ex Machina  and  Annihilation . He also wrote the screenplays for Danny Boyle’s  Sunshine  and  28 Days Later . Add to that the trailer, which is weird and dreamlike, interspersed with surreal images and a hard science fiction backbone and you have something that I should very much want to see. And yet, TV is just too much these days. There’s so damn much of it, and it’s all such a commitment just to be