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Barbarian at the gates?

 Here's a link to last night's live episode We talk Barbarian, why Casey is absent and make dick jokes.

Bloodfest Live: The First Annual Halloween Special Part One: Halloween Ends... or Does it?

  Friday, October 21st at 8PM we will be live on Facebook and YouTube for our two part Halloween Special. The first part of our special, Friday night, we will be discussing Halloween Ends. We have a lot to discuss and should be an interesting episode. This will be live on Facebook and YouTube starting at 8PM on Friday, October 21st. We will be doing our 2nd part of this Halloween Special at a later time at which point we will get into the Halloween franchise as a whole.   We will be reading your comments and responding live! Join us. Be one of the gang.  RSVP now ya weirdos! Check out our Facebook Give us a listen

Halloween Ends and We Fight

  Friday, October 21st at 8PM we will be doing something we haven't done before; we will be doing our Podcast live  on Facebook for our Halloween Special. We will be discussing the Halloween franchise and our thoughts on Halloween Ends. There is a lot to discuss, so join us right here on Facebook on Friday, October 21st at 8PM. Bloodfest on Facebook Give a listen



Masked Avenger Versus Ultra-Villain In The Lair Of The Naked Bikini

  The Masturbating Gunman (AKA  'Masked Avenger Versus Ultra-Villain In The Lair Of The Naked Bikini').  This film, shot on a shoestring budget with the help of friends and family is a blast of insanity. The titular character is a superhero of sorts. he has crazy Kung Fu skills. he can rip out a man's still beating heart and show it to him. At one point he disembowels a fellow, then uses the intestines Indiana Jones whip style to disarm another foe.  He's a deadly shot and can be very stealthy. The Gunman also has a finely attuned sense of smell, much like a blood hound. Well, a blood hound that focuses on panties. He can sniff a pair of underpants and immediately know that owner's height, age, weight, hair color, emotional state and more. He can then follow her scent to find her.  He sounds pretty unstoppable. And he would be, if not for his own private Achilles heel. The Masturbating Gunman's Kryptonite is self abuse, as it were. If he so much as glimpses an a

You've Made My Kill List

  You've Made My Kill List In the new episode the gang takes a deep dive into Folk Horror and Nietzsche via Ben Wheatley's Kill List. In the first half, Josh talks the best of A24, Casey talks new acquisitions and Joey updates us on his home theater. 

Night of the Living Dead

Hey freaks, ghouls and assorted weirdos! Bloodfest the Podcast has a little treat for you. Friday, October 7th at 9PM central time we will be doing a live stream of the George A. Romero classic NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD with live commentary by the Bloodfest gang. It's going to stream on our facebook page (see the link below!). Come join us for a "good" time.  Check out the FB page   And... as always, please check out the pod on Spotify, Stitcher, iTunes, Amazon or wherever you listen.  or, you could check us out on YouTube: