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This Movie List was Acting Strange, When the Movie Nerds Arrived They Called the Police! You Won't Believe What They Found Inside!

    Rotten Tomatoes ran an article about the scariest horror movies of all time ( ). The article was based on the results of a poll. I don’t give a lot of credence to these sorts of polls for a variety of reasons. The general public may be less aware of the scariest films, as they are too extreme for most people. If you poll ten million people about which peppers are hot, a sizeable percentage will name jalapenos, but true aficionados of spice would never consider that pepper spicy at all. It’s the same sort of situation here. Then there is the problem of self-selection bias. People who really, really love a certain film will feel more reason to vote for it than people who are more interested in simply finding the truth of the matter. All of that aside, I decided to take a look at what their results cast as the ten scariest movies. It isn’t a bad list. It’s also not a great list. Let’s get into why

Wanna Date?

  T his week the usual gang of weirdos were joined by the marvelous Kolleen Carney Hoepfner to discuss The best of cinematic madman Frank Hennenlotter. We dove deep into Basket Case, Frankenhooker, Brain Damage, Bad Biology and more. We talked about the scourge that is SUPER CRACK and how it is effecting our cities. We may have wandered into discussions of drugs in general, Sleepaway Camp, Queer Representation, Fuller House, Bob Saget and his legacy, if Dave Coulier (and if he’s a dick) and so much more. The episode is only slightly hinged, to be sure. We also spent some time discussing The Flash Movie and the fact that none of us care about it, but we are excited to see clips of Michael Keaton as Bat Man (especially of he is nude in this one). #Comedy #Horror #BasketCase #Frankenhooker #BrainDamage #BadBiology #Hennenlotter #FrankHennenlotter #Sex #Drugs #Supercrack #Podcast #DeepDive #WannaDate #Movies #HorrorMovies #Reviews #HorrorPOdcast #HorrorMoviePodcast #


Feral isn't very good.   I try to treat every film I watch fairly. To this, I manage my expectations. If a film is billed as an erotic thriller, I don’t compare it to Citizen Kane. Instead, I ask how well it did what it set out to do.  If a film has a low budget, I don’t compare its FX to Avengers. I also look for something that makes the film worthwhile. Sometimes a movie isn’t very good, but there’s one thing in it that makes you glad you saw it. Think of Primal Fear, a terrible movie that deserves to exist because of an outstanding performance by a young Edward Norton.  Sometimes it’s top-notch make-up FX that I enjoy. Sometimes it’s an engaging subplot. Most movies have something. Feral has nothing. You tend to expect any movie with a “name” actor in it to have a baseline level of competence. Feral fucks that expectation right up.  The plot is pretty simple. Three couples go on a camping trip in the middle of nowhere. One of them is attacked and killed by something. The others

Double Feature

 More details to come, but Bloodfest the Podcast will be hosting a showing of The Toxic Avenger and Shakespeare's Sh*tstorm followed by a Q&A session with the legend himself, Lloyd Kaufman of TROMA Entertainment at the Alamo Drafthouse in St. Louis on Friday, September 8th. Stay tuned!

Maximum Cocaine

 Bloodfest dives into Stephen King's only directorial effort,  Maximum Overdrive then gets off track.

Eduardo Sanchez: Into the Woods

  Found footage is, in one way of thinking, the natural progression of the epistolary novel. Dracula, The Call of Cthulhu, Frankenstein and many other seminal works of horror are told, at least partially, through letters and diary entries written by the characters or newspaper clippings relating to the events.    This method, “discovering” the elements of the story, has been popular in fiction since at least the late Victorian era.                 Cannibal Holocaust is normally counted as the first true found footage horror film (we can quibble bout if it counts as first, exactly, but its effectiveness and reach cannot be uestioned).   Ruggero Deodato made a film so visceral, so real, so verite that police and prosecutors believed it and charged him with murder.                 Then, it kind of fizzled. Found Footage just went away until two film students, Eduardo Sanchez and Daniel Myrick, created The BlairWitch Project . They reinvented found footage, leading to a boom that wo

The Varneyist Jim That Ever Varney'd

  “Death comes for us all in the end. Have fun before it gets here” -Jim Varney, possibly                   Most people know Jim Varney as the ubiquitous Ernest P. Worrel, a television pitch man who morphed into the start of a sketch comedy show, a cartoon and a series of well-loved movies aimed at children and adults with the sensibilities of children. Some may know him as the second coming of Jed Clampett or as the voice of Slinky Dog in the Pixar Toy Story films.                   What most people don’t know, is that he got his start on the legitimate stage, was a regular on Johnny Cash and Friends and was a recurring player on Fernwood   2Nite. Even less well known were roles in films like 100 Proof (where he played an abusive alcoholic father) and Existo: The Forbidden Movie ( a dystopian satire about artists fighting back via their art after Fundamentalist Christians take over America and install a fascist regime).                   The goons at Bloodfest decided to