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Time Travel for the Working Class

 "She's gone, and the past is trivia I scribble on these fucking  notes" -Leonard Shelby, in Memento Kurt Vonnegut's Slaughter-House Five opens with the words: "Listen, Billy Pilgrim has come unstuck in time". His world is disjointed, he slips from disconnected moment to disconnected moment. Leonard Shelby, the protagonist of memento (Guy Pearce), has a similar problem. He can make no new memories. Shelby knows that his wife was raped and murdered by someone named John G. He knows that he was injured in the attack, and that his wounds left him without a short term memory. And he knows that he his searching for the killer. For anything more than that he must trust the notes he has written himself. He has pockets filled with scraps of paper, covered with bits of information he will need. The really important stuff he has tattooed on his body to make notes you can't lose. He carries a polaroid so he can remember who people are, and what he needs to know ab

The Evil Dead are Back

  This week our scheduled guest vanished, so we decided to wing it. The "plan" was to discuss The Evil Dead movies, and we did that. Along the way we decided to produce a pr0n parody of Evil Dead films, talked about burgers in the upper Midwest, found out that The Rocky Horror Picture Show drove Joey to Drink. Learned that Nate hates Ben Dreyfus and Jay Leno (he thought it was funny when Leno set himself on fire). we talked about Jenny Agutter and Michael Moriarty. plus, we have the trailer for Gale. #EvilDead #EvilDeadRise #ArmyOfDarkness #samRaimi #brucecampbell #HauntedHouseRestaurant #Ohio #JayLeno #horrormoviepodcast #Horror #podcast #movies #bloodfest

What counts as philosophy

  What counts? That is a question that is of high importance to philosophers. What counts as ethical action? What counts as a heap? What counts as free will? What counts as philosophy?                 That last one was placed in stark relief recently on Twitter of all places.   A woman (I am not using her name, nor linking the tweet because she doesn’t need more crazy aimed at her) posted a funny tweet. It was two pictures. The first was an image of David Hume with the caption: “what people think philosophers look like”. The second, an image of her captioned: “what they really look like”.                 It was a cute meme. It did the job of reminding us that philosophers exist in today’s world, not just way back in them days, as the kids say.   It also pointed up that when most people think of philosophy, they picture old white men and that isn’t the entire picture.                 The poster has a MS in Philosophy. Is working on a PhD, also in philosophy. Has been published in