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Wanna Date?


This week the usual gang of weirdos were joined by the marvelous Kolleen Carney Hoepfner to discuss The best of cinematic madman Frank Hennenlotter. We dove deep into Basket Case, Frankenhooker, Brain Damage, Bad Biology and more. We talked about the scourge that is SUPER CRACK and how it is effecting our cities. We may have wandered into discussions of drugs in general, Sleepaway Camp, Queer Representation, Fuller House, Bob Saget and his legacy, if Dave Coulier (and if he’s a dick) and so much more. The episode is only slightly hinged, to be sure. We also spent some time discussing The Flash Movie and the fact that none of us care about it, but we are excited to see clips of Michael Keaton as Bat Man (especially of he is nude in this one). #Comedy #Horror #BasketCase #Frankenhooker #BrainDamage #BadBiology #Hennenlotter #FrankHennenlotter #Sex #Drugs #Supercrack #Podcast #DeepDive #WannaDate #Movies #HorrorMovies #Reviews #HorrorPOdcast #HorrorMoviePodcast #LloydKaufman #Troma #FlashMovie #TheFlash #michaelkeatonbatman #michaelkeaton


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