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Wanna Date?


This week the usual gang of weirdos were joined by the marvelous Kolleen Carney Hoepfner to discuss The best of cinematic madman Frank Hennenlotter. We dove deep into Basket Case, Frankenhooker, Brain Damage, Bad Biology and more. We talked about the scourge that is SUPER CRACK and how it is effecting our cities. We may have wandered into discussions of drugs in general, Sleepaway Camp, Queer Representation, Fuller House, Bob Saget and his legacy, if Dave Coulier (and if he’s a dick) and so much more. The episode is only slightly hinged, to be sure. We also spent some time discussing The Flash Movie and the fact that none of us care about it, but we are excited to see clips of Michael Keaton as Bat Man (especially of he is nude in this one). #Comedy #Horror #BasketCase #Frankenhooker #BrainDamage #BadBiology #Hennenlotter #FrankHennenlotter #Sex #Drugs #Supercrack #Podcast #DeepDive #WannaDate #Movies #HorrorMovies #Reviews #HorrorPOdcast #HorrorMoviePodcast #LloydKaufman #Troma #FlashMovie #TheFlash #michaelkeatonbatman #michaelkeaton


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The Blackening



  The Bloodfest gang took a day off to visit Crypticon Kansas City and now we are here to tell you about it! We saw so much cool stuff that it’s hard to cover it all. P.J. Soles (Halloween, Carrie), hugged Nate. We interviewed Nick Castle (Halloween, Escape From New York), Lauren Lavera (Terrifier 2), Jenna Kannell (Terrifier, Renfield), Dean Cameron (Summer School, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia) and so much more.   We talk a lot about Bootleg as Fuck Toys. Also cosplay, collectibles and more!   This week the Bloodfest gang talks about their trip to Cryticon in Kansas City. We have mini-interviews with Lauren Lavera (Terrifier 2), Nick Castle (Halloween), Dean Cameron (Summer School) and Jenna Kannell (Terrifier). We talk cosplay, Bootleg as Fuck Toys, collectibles, the ugly truth about Doug Jones, Robert Rusler, Cracker Barrel and so much more. Plus Nate learns that he needs Josh.   #Bloodfest #Crypticon #CrypticonKC #Horror #Convention #Terrifier #JennaKannell #PJSole

This Movie List was Acting Strange, When the Movie Nerds Arrived They Called the Police! You Won't Believe What They Found Inside!

    Rotten Tomatoes ran an article about the scariest horror movies of all time ( ). The article was based on the results of a poll. I don’t give a lot of credence to these sorts of polls for a variety of reasons. The general public may be less aware of the scariest films, as they are too extreme for most people. If you poll ten million people about which peppers are hot, a sizeable percentage will name jalapenos, but true aficionados of spice would never consider that pepper spicy at all. It’s the same sort of situation here. Then there is the problem of self-selection bias. People who really, really love a certain film will feel more reason to vote for it than people who are more interested in simply finding the truth of the matter. All of that aside, I decided to take a look at what their results cast as the ten scariest movies. It isn’t a bad list. It’s also not a great list. Let’s get into why