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Bloodfest Presents: A Habit of Depravity with Larry Fessenden

 This week Nate had to be heavily medicated so he wouldn’t have a breakdown meeting one of his heroes. The Bloodfest gang somehow tricked the great Larry Fessenden (Habit, Depraved, The Last Winter, Bringing Out the Dead, Like Me) into sitting down with us for a conversation. 

He filled us in on his upcoming film, Blackout, which is his werewolf movie. We talked about him making his own version of the Universal Monsters Universe and how that fits into his career. 

Larry talked about recreating the Jaws boat, The Orca, and trying to have it attacked by a paper mache shark, then showed us his toys

He discussed having The Last Winter entered into the permanent collection of the MoMA and the awards he has won.

The conversation was far reaching and revelatory.

Larry is a funny, intelligent, kind man as well as being a giant in horror.

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