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Boutique Label Roundup


After the nightmare of Terror at Blood Fart Lake, the Bloodfest goons needed some respite. An easy week with zero punishment was Dr. Nate's Rx, and everyone agreed that a quick rundown of our favorite boutique labels and recent releases was just the sort of low effort affair we required. Somehow we we talked for over two hours! We talked so long that Joey fell asleep on camera and may or may not have just cut us off before we were even done.  We talked Vinegar Syndrome, Severin, Arrow, Mondo Macabro, Imprint, Dark Force, Second Sight,  Umbrella, Roninflix, and more! We took a look at several dozen of our favorite releases, talked movies in general, took a look at what's coming for the new year and worked in some poop and D jokes along the way.

Next week we will get back to normal with special guest Chad Kinkle (Jug Face, Dementer).

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